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Meet Our Coaches

Our Coaches

We are extremely proud of our coaches. Tennis NWT have a wonderful team of qualified coaches who share their love of tennis with children and adults.  The coaching team is made up of experienced and qualified coaches all specializing in specific areas to ensure we are able to offer a diverse programme to players.

Nikola exuberates enthusiasm on the tennis court. He has an absolute passion for tennis. He has been instrumental in the growth of the tennis in Yellowknife.

Tamara is currently in Grade 12. She starts off our beginners on their way to improvement. Especially good with the youngsters, She focuses on intermediate level players and with her personable approach and keenness to help everyone improve she is a great asset to the team.

Brian is currently in Grade 12. He is tennis player, swimmer and musician. He has been in sports for almoust all of his life and he has played tennis for 4 years. He enjoys coaching.

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