Tennis NWT Mandate:

Tennis NWT is committed to the advancement of tennis in the Northwest Territories. Tennis NWT is dedicated to providing encouragement, support, leadership and opportunity to northern tennis enthusiasts through its many programs.

 At Tennis NWT, we value:

Tennis NWT By-law

Tennis NWT Strategic Plan


Travel Subsidy Policy

Tennis NWT will provide financial subsidies for travel for both Junior and Adult tennis players who are fully paid members of recognized tennis clubs in the NWT. These travel subsidies can be applied to travel for:

  1. Competition at Provincially, Territorially, or Nationally sanctioned tennis tournaments, and
  2. Participation in instructional tennis clinics at facilities within Canada.

Applicants must make and pay for their own travel arrangements. Applicants can then present receipts for travel costs, such as accommodations, transportation, tournament or course fees, to Tennis NWT for partial reimbursement.

For more information check our  Tennis NWT Travel Subsidy Policy