Below are tournament results:

Men’s singles
Winner: Cole Clinton
Runner Up: Nikhilesh Gohil

Ladies Singles
Winner: Tamara Jovic
Runner Up: Ofira Duru

55+ Men’s Singles
Winner: Nikola Jovic
Runner Up: Jim Umpherson

Men’s Doubles
Winners: Nikhilesh Gohil & Luke Dizon
Runner up: Karthik Paulraj & Ravi Lala

Ladies Doubles:
Winners: Madelaine Kapraelian & Anita Aoga
Runner Up: Mauren McCabe & Hiro Kobayashi

Mixed Doubles:
Winners: Tamara Jovic & Cole Clinton
Runner Up: Anita Aoga & Alex Godfrey

Men’s singles
Winner: Darren Dungey
Runner Up: Shamir Siraj

Ladies Singles
Winner: Claire Matchildon
Runner Up: Tami Johnston

Men’s Doubles
Winners: John St. Louis & Danny Cimon
Runner up: Andrew Morash & Chris Hill

Ladies Doubles:
Winner: Elizabeth du Plessis & Tina Hendrickson
Runner Up: Katherine Boyd & Tami Johnston

Mixed Doubles: –
Winner: Slavica Jovic & Nikola Jovic
Runner Up: Kristina Dungey & Darren Dungey

Below is tournament schedule and rules:

Men’s Singles

Ladies Singles


55+ Men’s Singles

Consolation Matches

Tournament Rules

In the unfortunate event of rainy weather, the schedule will be revised. Please review your schedule and let us know if there are any conflicts.  


You will get a new can of balls for each game. The player that is listed first in the draw, is responsible for collecting a can of balls from the clubhouse, before their match. 


The winner of a match is responsible for reporting the score.

BBQ Lunch and Dinner

There will be a BBQ on Saturday and Sunday 12 – 2:00 p.m.

There will be a Dinner on Saturday evening from 6 – 8:00 p.m.


Prizes will be awarded on Sunday after the final matches.

For questions, please call or text 445-6528 or email